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Random Fun 1.) Close Your Eyes And Type Your Name: meredith
2.) Hit Your Head On Your Keyboard:65hfg
3.) First Word That Comes To Mind: the used
4.) First Name That Comes To Mind: sade
5.) First Website That Comes To Mind: live journal
6.) Whats In Your Mouth: teeth
7.) Paste The Last Thing You Copied: xXxBertMcCracken (my aim username)
8.) Type Your Name Backwords Closing Your Eyes: htiderem
9.) What Are You Gonna Do When You Finish This: go shake my presents
10.) Type A Picture: (()) (())
11.) Are You Bored: YES!
12.) Where Did You Find This Survey: on allisons Jive Journal
13.) Type Your Name With Your Elbow: mner4eed96tyuj
14.) Type Your City With Your Nose: biirminghamn
15.) Type Your State With Your Wrist: aaaal,pzA bQAZjma
16.) Your Keyboard Has Been Bad, Smack it and see what it types:ghhhhhhhdfjhgfiyte6
17.) Type A Word In Numbers:??
18.) Type Something Stupid: Shake your butt..... lol
20.) How Bored Are You Now: sort of
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