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hahahahahaha! im eating chesecake! IN YOUR FACE! j/k... lol
anyway today i went to the georgia aQuarium!!! gosh was it fun!! we had to wait an hour outside in the cold!!! 40 degerees... wow. balooga whales were there.. they are cool.
they had whale sharks! wow wow wow those are big. we saw fat catfish, moon jelleyfish, hammerhead, bull shark, beautiful blue pink and purple fish, red jellyfish, shrimp, starfish,hammercrabs, horse shoe crab,
mantarays, black anglerfish, and more!!!!! wOw it wAs CooL.....
i got to pet a baby shark. i also petted a starfish, i touched sea anianimi's (or should i say,sQuishy plants in the sea...), i ot to pet a sting ray also!! i even got to pet a shrimp! it is sooo awsome!!
i meen, its the largest in the world, what do u expect? anyway im at my dads apartment right now chatting with allison. after the aQuarium, i went to eat at the cheesecake factory. i got pizza. then i got cheesecake!! yum yum. then we went shopping and we got my mom something. we got her a cool clock. well its cool for older ppl. lol...hahhahahahhahahahah...
then, we went to old navy and we didnt find anything, then we went to best buy. we were in there for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.. my dad got me something... something virtual reality. anyway now im right here.. on my lj. well thats about it for today!!! see ya lator allagator!! lol. ttyl
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