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hey yall!! i havent updated in forever because my computer had a baaddd virus. now, its fixed. Oh yeah... i typed a story tell me if its good,

No Title (i dont have a name yet!!)

“Father, can I go outside?” I asked. “Yes you may.” He said. It was a stormy day in Mississippi. The air was cool, the clouds were gray, and it was windy.
I was about to move to Birmingham, Alabama in a few hours. I will miss my friends. I walked into my house I asked my dad “Can I go tell my friends bye? And play with them? Please?” I asked. “Yeah you can. Just don’t get muddy its wet outside.” He said. “Sure whatever…” I said. I walked to
David’s house. I rang the door bell. “Hi can David come out? I’m about to move to Birmingham Alabama.” I said softly. “ Hold on I’ll ask him.” Come on! I thought in my head. Finally after three minutes he came to the door. “Hey Spencer! My mom said you were moving. Are you?” He asked. “Yeah I wish that I wasn’t. I’m moving to Birmingham, Alabama. Don’t worry though I’ll still get on the computer so we can chat.” I said very gloomy. “No! I want you to stay you are my best buddy don’t go! Please I’ll do anything!” he yelled. “ Sorry I can’t do anything about it. Want to come out?” I said. “Yeah I-I guess so.” He said softly.” Now Spencer, It’s time to go!” Yelled my dad. “NOOOOOO!” I yelled. “Bye, talk to you later, got to go. I’ll miss you so much!” I’ll chat with you on the computer!” I ran to get in the car. “Wait I want you to have this. It stands for our friendship. Bye I’ll miss you!” Said David. “Bye!” I replied. I got in the car. I got in my car and got my CD player out. I was listening to Green Day. After one hour I fell asleep. “ Honey wake up we are here.” I heard my mom say. I groaned.. “yeah?? We are here?? Well… this house is okay.. ” I said, still holding the chunk of gold David gave me. “ Did David give that to you??” My mom asked. “Yeah, don’t talk about it.. I miss him..” I said. I looked up.. I saw a girl. “Hi, my name is Meredith, Meredith Cook. I live right across the street.” She said. “Hi, I’m Spencer.” Meredith was wearing a black Green Day Shirt. “I like Green Day.” I said.
“Cool!! Do you like My Chemical Romance??” She asked, “Yes!!” I said. I found someone, a girl, who likes cool stuff, not like gay Barbie’s…. “Well, I got to go!!”
she said. I said, “Bye!!” I walked over onto the back porch feeling happy that I found someone. Looking at my cell phone, I dialed 234-767-8806. David’s cell. No answer. “ Spencer!! Let’s go drive around and look at some stuff. Come on!!” My dad said. “No… Can I go set up my TV and my game cube?? I’m 10, I think I can stay home myself. Right??” I said. “fine” my mom said. My dog and I sat at home. I was setting up my TV. Looking at the cable wire or something.. looking for the slot to put it in. I got my bag. Put all my clothes in my closet, turned the fan on, and Put the lava lamp on the floor next to my bed my mom and dad set up. I fell onto my bed staring at the fan go around and around. Then I got up and hooked up my Game Cube, PS3, Super Nintendo, and my XBOX 360. It took me about an hour. Doorbell rang….it was mom and dad. I opened it and ran back upstairs to my laptop. I got on AIM. David wasn’t on. I got on Live Journal, and then played some Nintendo DS. I hooked up my stereo and my DVD player. Then my dad came up and hooked up my computer. I was bored after that. I went downstairs got my cell phone, and called David, no answer.

I left a message. I said, “ Hey this is Spencer, and I just met this girl, her name is Meredith. And she likes a lot of cool stuff!! Anyway, I’m here at my new house. It has a pool!! Anyway bye!!” I sat down in my new chair, eating ice cream. I got my laptop and started playing pinball.

hehe... is it good?? anyway, my stupid basketball team has lost 3 times in a row!!!! no wins.
oh yeah... my b-day is comming up feb. 21. yay!! *.*

a few days ago, at school, i had to play football. it was boring. i got hit in the face. lol.
and last night, i hit my foot on a marble table!! OWCH!!!!!!!! my foot is purple. good thing i didnt do p.e today.. lol.. on my report card all a's 1 b. sad. stupid math. im doing algebra.( or however you spell it...) and long divison. long divison is easy.. i just had moes.. YUM!! and right now my foot is hurting like crap. lol... OWWWCCHH!! save me... lol
anyway lets talk about my b-day.. lol.. okay.. im going to invite melissa and some other friends out to eat somewhere.. then maybe a movie.. yay!! oh yeah!!!! good news!!! my dad got a house!! yay!
its sooo cool. okay, he has a pool and basketball court!! cooooool... yes
i have 2 rooms now. 2 bathrooms. and a pooool! im happy!! *.* lol
anyway i hafta go!! byeeee

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